The first investment by Agrofood BIC accelerator in an innovative start-up: Cynomys s.r.l.

/ / Rassegna Stampa

Agrofood BIC S.r.l. (Business Innovation Centre), an open multi-company innovation centre operating since January 2019 on a national and international scale to identify and leverage valuable business opportunities, selected the first start-up company to benefit from an important investment in terms of funding, growth and experimentation. It is Cynomys s.r.l., a Genoa-based company founded by Enrico Carta, Fabiana Surace and Ambra Milani.

Cynomys is a start-up that patented an innovative IoT solution for environmental monitoring and consumption analysis in livestock farming. They are among the promoters of conscious and sustainable farming practices focusing on animal welfare. The company developed a unique device that through a cloud-based platform monitors all the parameters affecting animal welfare and productivity on a farm. Important tests will be conducted in a number of farms with different types of animals and different types of products, and Agrofood will support the start-up in this experimental project. 

“The Green Deal Farm to Fork strategy highlighted the importance of having sustainable, robust and resilient food systems that will operate even in the event of a pandemic.  It will be essential for farmers and breeders to evolve towards methods that reduce environmental impact while ensuring production. In order to meet these challenges, the livestock sector will need to rely on technological innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere while improving animal health. The solutions developed by Cynomys could prove to be very useful to reach these goals and at the same time new applications could be found even for closed working environments that are more vulnerable to the spread of viruses. We expect great things from this collaboration,” commented Mr Gianpiero Calzolari, the President of Agrofood BIC and Granarolo.

“Animal welfare is our priority: with this in mind, we were one of the first companies in Europe to invest on alternative farms and on the modernisation of existing ones. Over the years, we have carried out many projects and investments to meet this need”, added Mr Siro Lionello, President of the Eurovo Group. “We strongly believe in the central and strategic role of technological innovation and for this reason we are very motivated and thrilled to undertake this collaborative project with Cynomys that will allow us to share experience and know-how in our mutual areas of expertise”.

 “Being selected by Agrofood BIC is the recognition of all the work done so far with passion and dedication. A great opportunity of growth and development for Cynomys, to expand our solutions and develop innovative ideas in order to meet the different needs of the companies involved in the project and beyond. From this fruitful collaboration and the use of high technology we expect to contribute to the excellence of the agro-food sector, and Made in Italy products in particular”, says Cynomys CEO Enrico Carta.