Design the future of agrofood value chain

The AGROFOOD BIC idea is the result of our brainstorming sessions on how to drive innovation in the food sector, about sustainability and agriculture 4.0.

Common goal: working with young start-ups sharing ideas - our ideas and their ideas – as well as needs and competences, thus fostering mutual growth.

Riccardo Piaggi
Chairman of the Agrofood BIC


To inspire innovative ecosystems and design the future of agrofood value chain


Nurture agrofood ecosystems empowering BIC’s partners with new business opportunities enabled by 3 pillars

  • Open Innovation. Access to unique solutions from innovative start-ups and enterpreneural people.
  • Industrial DNA. Focused business purpose driven by industries sharing value chain.
  • Company Growth. Acceleration program following agile method and leveraging vertical competences.

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